Learn to Take the Good and the Bad in Stride

People sure do take a lot of things for granted. I know that I’m not the first person to make this realization either, but it amazes me sometimes. I have heard people actually complaining about gifts they received this year on Christmas. Is that a joke?! Somebody took the time to shop specifically for you, and you aren’t happy with what they chose to give you. There is nothing more rude in my opinion. People even take for granted the fact that they had a home to celebrate the holidays in, or a family to celebrate them with. I started thinking about this because of a blog post that I came across.

The blog post is titled, “Are We on Earth For Our Enjoyment?”, and it talks about the reasons we exist. The author talks about the Blessed Zélie Martin and one of her letters. In the letter she wrote, “… it’s certain and proven by experience that happiness is not on earth… No, happiness can’t be found here below, In His wisdom, God wanted it this way to make us remember that the world is not our true home”. I don’t think people realize this anymore, and that was the same point the author of the post was trying to make. People expect happiness all the time, when in reality that is unfair to expect. Life is certainly meant to have its joyful moments, but you have to learn to take the good and the bad in stride.

Taking Good Advice (From Yourself): A Life Lesson

“Do as I say, not as I do”, is a saying everybody has heard throughout their life. Following your own good advice can be a really hard thing to do. It is easy to give advice to other people, but when it comes to helping yourself it is a lot harder to actually do something about it.

Recently on Catholic Mom, Theresa Ceniccola blogged about How to Follow your Own Advice. Theresa gave some pretty insightful tips on how to accomplish this difficult task. Theresa suggests creating a catchy mantra that you can repeat to yourself and make a part of your every day life. If your advice is working for other people there is no reason it won’t work for you if you just give it a chance. Another tip that I personally liked was writing down what you need to accomplish. If you write down the advice you should be taking it might help you if you are a visual person like I am. Finding a friend or family member to hold you accountable if you are not taking your own advice is also a smart way to enforce behavior.

Taking your own advice might not come naturally to you if you have been avoiding doing it for your entire life. However, if you know that you’re giving people good advice then you need to start taking it yourself.