How To Successfully Handle Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is a concern for almost all parents of two or more kids. This not only can cause a great deal of stress and feelings of frustration for parents but can also have both immediate and lifelong damage between the kids involved. While I believe that sibling rivalry  is an inevitable part of having children, I definitely think that the degree to which it occurs can be controlled.

I do not think it is possible for me to keep my kids from fighting, teasing and annoying each other. I believe that bickering will always be a part of their relationship. So as a parent my job is not to make sure that fighting doesn’t happen, but to make sure that the banter between them won’t cause them serious harm–physically, emotionally, or mentally. Furthermore, I also feel that it is important to instill in the minds of my children what “being siblings” really means.

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Sibling Rivalry: Is It a Damaging Experience for Your Children?

I grew up with two siblings and we were always very close. We never really had an issue getting along, and did almost everything together. We have all remained close and are best friends to this day. I would say that we had a healthy sibling rivalry where we pushed each other be the best version of ourselves that we could. However we never competed against each other with hopes of embarrassing or obliterating the others. It was always a healthy and fun competition, whether it was in sports, school, or whatever else.

It recently occurred to me that some people don’t have as healthy a relationship as I do with my siblings. Some people feel quite negatively about their siblings for that matter, and are not even remotely friends with them. I wondered what their sibling rivalries were like growing up, and realized their rivalries were probably the exact opposite of what mine were like. They wanted to out-do their siblings because they didn’t like them, not because it was a healthy competition amongst friends.

My attention was drawn to sibling rivalries through a post I read called “Is Sibling Rivalry Damaging to Your Kids’ Health?” My opinion of the question asked by this post is that there isn’t a black and white answer. There are certainly some sibling rivalries like my own that ended up being a positive experience, but there are also sibling rivalries that are really negative. I think that the relationship a person has with their siblings is what makes the rivalry a positive or a negative thing. So I don’t think that sibling rivalries are damaging to a child’s health in all cases.