Getting Out of Bed in the Morning Takes a Heroic Effort

No parent likes to get out of bed in the morning. Let me rephrase that, no human likes to get out of bed in the morning. It’s certainly more difficult for parents of young children to do this though because of the sleep deprivation they endure regularly. It is a part of being a parent, and something that parents learn to either conquer or deal with.

I read a post titled, “The Heroic First Minute of the Day” that is about getting out of bed on time as a parent. I thought the titled was hilarious, and really true. It takes that first heroic moment to pull yourself out of bed and start the day. The post talks about that, and also some tips about how you can make that moment a little more endurable.

Being a Parent Changes the Way You Sleep Forever

As any parent can tell you their sleep patterns never fully recovered from when their newborn baby came home from the hospital. At first it was the cry in the middle of the night for food, a diaper change, or just needing love. Then it grew into bed wetting episodes, and bad dreams. When your kids start driving and are out later into the night? Forget about sleep! It is a nerve-wracking thing to be a parent.

I read a blog post recently that perfectly described the sleep of parents. I thought the author’s description was hilarious, but also spot on. She compared sleep to an ocean and how she used to peacefully sleep the night near the bottom of the sea before having kids. Now she describes her sleep as, “Now I sleep in a little rowboat. In a thunderstorm, during a war, with cannons going off all night long. And also sharks”, and I thought that was great. The rest of her post about being a parent and how it changes the way you sleep is also really awesome.

Getting Your Child to Sleep at Night: Tips and Advice To Help You

Trying to get your young child to fall asleep is a difficulty that parents all have to deal with. It is hard enough to get your own body to be tired at the right time of day, let alone your child’s. There is no way to make them fall asleep, but you can stress behaviors that will help. Cutting out things such as late night snacks, loud noises in the house, and other distractions can be helpful in creating a good sleep environment for your child. You should set a bedtime and stick to it every night. Having a definite routine will make some sense of normalcy for your child, and in time it will help their body to feel tired at the right time.

A recent post on Dad’s Round Table titled, “Tips to Help Your Child Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep” had some really interesting pointers to give on this topic. They discuss topics such as paint color in your child’s room and also instilling a dimming light into their room as well. The light being dimmed can trigger their biological clock to make them feel tired.

How do you get your child to fall asleep at night? We would love to hear different techniques parents are using!