Teaching Your Child to Pick Up on Social Cues

A child’s first teacher is their parents. Parents teach children how to walk, talk, and feed themselves. There are also many other things that children pick up from their parents just by watching them. This refers to sayings, body language, and facial expressions. Children have to learn over time to read social cues. Social cues are verbal or non-verbal actions that guide conversation or behavior. It is awkward when somebody does not understand social cues, but the only way to learn them is to be exposed to them.

Teaching your child how to read social cues might be pretty difficult because the best experience is learning from real life situations. I read an article about how to teach your child social cues on The Family Coach that I thought was interesting. The article suggests that you try things such as role playing and practicing at home.

Have you tried teaching your child social cues? How have you been successful or unsuccessful in your attempts?