Growing the Catholic Presence on Social Media Sites

I was recently brought to realization that there is a glaring lack of Catholic presence on social media sites. Too much of the stuff seen on social media every day is negative and evil. Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever else people are using today there is an alarming amount of negativity. I feel as though it stems from the anonymity the internet creates. You can leave a hate filled comment on a Youtube video and nobody will ever know it was you, or you can tweet mean things at Pope Benedict’s new Twitter account and get away with it. I guess some people get a kick out of saying hurtful things online.

Anyway, what brought my attention to this issue was a positive story concerning social media. I was pleasantly surprised to read about a teenager named Dylana Smith who has taken it upon herself to promote the New Evangelization for the Year of Faith. Pope Benedict XVI called for Catholics to spread the New Evangelization in any way they could this year, and Dylana is using social media to do that. To get more specific she has been using Instagram to create a Catholic presence on the popular app. Dylana noticed a lack of Catholic presence on the app, and figured a good way to celebrate the Year of Faith would be to make a personal mission to create one. I am delighted to see such a young person trying hard to make a difference.

Much like Dylana I was also alerted that groups of Catholic bloggers have been uploading Advent photos of the day. These Catholics are using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets to share their Advent photos each day. They also include a short Advent thought with their photos. This is a wonderful way to celebrate a season that often times goes overlooked by many people.

I was thrilled to see these efforts to make a bigger and better Catholic presence on social media. All of this news came the same week as Pope Benedict’s Twitter account was activated. I can’t wait to see what his tweets will be like next week!

How are you trying to help grow the Catholic presence on social media sites?

Silence After Mass or Social Hour?

Here was a question asked over on Catholic Answers Forum earlier today.

“As soon as Mass is concluded in my local church, people begin talking, some in a soft voice and some out loud, about wordly affairs as if they were in a coffee shop. This is disconcerting, because I understood this was a time to maintain prayerful silence in thanksgiving for the great gift of having received Jesus in the Eucharist.”

This post was listed under the name, “Shouldn’t we observe silence after Mass?” To answer this is my own opinion I would have to say YES. Is that question even serious? I know where this poster is coming from though, it does seem like once Mass ends the Church just turns into a social ground for everybody. The thing that I don’t get is that right outside the doors of the Church would be perfectly acceptable to see how the Smiths are doing, or to see if Mr. Brown will be coming over for dinner next week. People just seem to have less and less respect for the Church every day and it has really become an issue. A Church is not a social playground people, come on!