Stan “The Man” Musial was a Faithful Catholic

Hall of Fame baseball player Stan “The Man” Musial passed away over the weekend. On top of being a stellar baseball player, Stan was also a faithful Catholic. Stan “The Man” was also associated with several different charities and was known as a regular attendant at Mass. I read a post about Stan’s faith titled, “Stan Musial Wore His Faith on His Sleeve” and learned a lot from it.

To be honest, I was unaware of Stan’s Catholicism until reading the post. Part of the post could explain why I never knew this before. In so many of the obituaries seen over the weekend for Stan, not many of them mentioned the fact that he was a Catholic. It is a strange, but in today’s world a person’s religious affiliation has become seen less and less in obituaries. Regardless of that, I now that Stan was a Catholic and also a great baseball player. May he rest in peace.