Thou Shall Not Steal

Christmas is known as the season of giving, and Advent the time of preparation and anticipation.   But in case you have purchased some Mens Catholic Jewelry or some Catholic Jewelry for Women, you need to also know that this is the season for stealing.  So let’s be careful out there!

And sometimes, theft happens in other forms.  And right under our noses, too.

Everything we post on our sites are copyrighted material.   It says so very clearly at the bottom of every single page of our website.  So it burns us up when we see our material lifted 100% from our site and posted elsewhere.  When you swipe copyrighted content from an employer’s website, well, that is also stealing too.   We thought grown-ups would know that.

So, in the spirit of Advent, PREPARE FOR and ANTICIPATE the cease and desist letter you WILL be getting from our attorney.

And Joy to the World.