Parenting Tip: How to Talk to Your Child About Tragedy

Sometimes parents are reminded that we can not always protect our children. The recent tragedy in Newtown is an example of that. It is the harsh reality of life that sometimes, we are helpless and cannot do anything for our kids. The violence is not going to stop unfortunately, and that means the worrying will never truly stop either for parents. Even when your kids have grown up and are living on their own, you will worry about their well being. You will worry for them and your grandchildren, it’s like a never-ending line of worry. One thing that is certain is that we have opportunities every single day to show people how much we care about them.

A post I read titled, “Sheltering, Protecting, and Talking with Our Children: Parenting for Sanity in a Seemingly Insane World”, summed up this mindset perfectly. The author offers advice on how you might deal with talking to your son or daughter about last week’s tragedy depending on what their age is. Coming up with the right thing to say to your child at a time like this might be difficult, so read this post and gather some ideas.