Lessons In Parenting: We Teach and Are Taught

It cannot be denied that children learn a lot of valuable lessons from their parents. In fact parents can teach kids more lessons that any teacher in their entire life will ever teach them. But has it ever occurred to you that our kids teach us a lot of valuable lessons in life too? The parenting lessons we get from our children range from simple and practical things to really profound realizations.

A good example of practical lessons parents can learn from their kids can be found in this post: “Lessons From The Potty Training Trenches.” Here, one mother shares some of the very important things she picked up while riding the potty training roller coaster with her kid. As for me, I would say that I learn priceless parenting lessons from my kids every single day. Just this week, I realized (through my youngest child’s behavior) that everything I do (both good and bad) matters–all of my actions have a corresponding effect in the world or more specifically in somebody’s little world.

Learning Obedience: The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

One of the many lessons we can learn from Mary, Mother of Jesus is obedience. She has taught us that Catholics need to follow the laws of the church. These laws keep us pure. They help us stay true to our faith and to God’s Word.

How Mary Shows Obedience with the Presentation of Jesus

Forty days after Mary gave birth, she took Jesus to the temple. This was for two purposes: ritual purification and redemption of the first born son.
Ritual purification was written in the Laws of Moses. After a woman gives birth, she is viewed as unclean due to the connection she had with bodily fluids. Going to the church within forty days of giving birth would purify a woman.
Redemption of the first born son was also written in the Laws of Moses. Back then, when a male was born naturally (meaning not through cesarean section), she would have to sacrifice a lamb to the church. However, since Mary and Joseph were poor people, they were able to sacrifice the alternative, which were two turtledoves or young pigeons.

How Mary Teaches Us Obedience
Mary and Joseph knew that it was right to obey the Laws of Moses. They believed that it was important to follow through with these codes of conduct.
When we see Mary do exactly as stated in the Laws of Moses, it teaches us that we need to follow the same type of rules. We shouldn’t dismiss what we have been told is important by the church. We need to abide by them just as Mary did.

How Catholics Can Be Obedient According to the Teachings of the Church

Catholics continue to follow the teachings of the church as closely as possible. The unfortunate thing is that many Catholics don’t know all of the laws and thus don’t follow them due to this ignorance.

Attending Mass to listen to the gospel and homily given by the priest is a great way to remind yourself of what you as a Catholic should do daily to follow the teachings of the church. It’s also important to read the Bible. As the bible gives us a lot of the rules that Christians should follow in their life.

Finally, if you are ever unsure of what to do in life, you can always seek guidance from your priest. A priest is a counselor and coach. He can help you come to understand what is expected of you as a Christian. He can help you understand why life has turned one way instead of another way. He can also answer your questions about what you should do in difficult situations and still be in accordance with God’s Word.

So, follow Mary’s example. Understand the rules of the church by going to Mass and read the Bible. Whenever you have questions seek counsel from your priest and always turn to prayer when you just need comfort from God. This all God wants of you, to acknowledge Him and to follow Him – just as Mary did.

Parents are a Child’s First Teacher for So Many Things

Dads and moms everywhere have a lot of parenting responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is teaching which can be complex. Teaching typically means reading, writing, and arithmetic but in parenting it means everything. Parents are their child’s first teacher for many life skills. They teach a child everything from talking to different and more complex life skills.

A recent post on Summer Nannies titled, “10 Sports Every Dad Should Teach Their Son” hit on this topic. This article can apply to moms, dads, daughters, and sons everywhere and features a great list of games that parents should teach to their children! Sports are only one of the many things a child will learn from their parent.

Getting a Family Pet: How to Make the Big Decision

If you have kids you have without a doubt been asked the question, “Can we get a puppy/kitten?” before. Kids love pets and let’s be honest most parents do as well. What parents do not like is an additional responsibility to add into their already hectic and busy life. Pets require a certain amount of effort and care no matter which kind of animal you decide to choose. I think that if your children are old enough, you can take this opportunity to teach them about responsibility. If done correctly, getting a pet can be a win-win situation for your family. Kids love pets as we have discussed, so if you give them what they love it comes with a price. Make clear that you will teach them how the pet will be taken care of and what you expect them to do. Divide up responsibilities and allow your kids to learn about the work it takes to keep a pet at home.

I found a post on Parent Palace recently titled, “Family Pets: To Go or Not Go There?” that discussed the pro’s and con’s of getting a family pet. If you are interested in getting a family pet check out Julie’s post about this topic. I felt like some of her reasons on both sides could be issues and feelings of other families as well.

Teaching Children to Read: Different Methods to Try

Teaching a child to read is not something that comes naturally to all parents. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to succeed in teaching a young child to read anything. Many parents use methods such as flashcards with letter or sounds on them to get started.

A post on Playground Dad by Ellie Perico gave some insightful tips on how to get your child reading. The post titled, “Teach Your Toddler to Read” is full of information about the best ways to get your toddler reading.

How have you succeeded in getting your children to read? What was your most successful method?