Raising Confident Kids

The  roots of self-confidence are formed in childhood. This very trait plays a huge role in determining the kind of life a person will have. Self-confidence is key to a happy and fulfilled life–it is what drives people pursue their dreams, believe in their talents and reach their highest potential. And surely, all of us as parents want our children to live no less than this kind of life.

I believe that although there are many ways to cultivate confidence in children, there are a few things that we can consider as mainstays. I found one mom that I completely agreed with in terms of which parenting principles can best contribute to the development of strong self-esteem in children. She shared her thoughts in a blog post entitled 5 Tips to Help Your Kids Develop Self-Esteem.

We all have different strategies, and I would be very much delighted to see what yours are. Please share your thoughts in a comment!