The Most Important Tip To Successfully Raise A Teenager

Being a parent is one of the happiest, most rewarding, and joyful experience in the world. For me the joy of having children can never be equaled by anything in the world. Along with all these positive emotions that parenthood can create is a great deal of responsibility, stress, headaches, and heartaches–especially during children’s teenage years.

My own parents and majority of my friends would really say that the job of being a parent is most difficult and challenging during children’s teen years. Adolescence ushers in a period of intense growth, not only physically but morally and intellectually. The desire for more and more independence often leads kids to try out different activities, looks, and identities–many of which are not appealing to parents.

Yes dealing with a teenager can evoke a lot of stress, anger, and even feelings of helplessness among parents. But should things really have to go out of control? Definitely not! There are a lot of ways to successfully raise your teen to become a morally upright and kind hearted person. And you know what the most important tip is? Never forget to make Jesus a part of your parenting endeavors.  No one is better able to guide you on how to deal and respond to your teenager.

Be inspired by this article on successfully correcting your teen’s behavior with Jesus’ help: Tuning into Your Teen When They Cross the Line.

Parenting Tip: How to Communicate Clearly and Effectively with Teens

As a parent, communication with your child is key. It starts early on in life when they first begin to speak and grows into a relationship as they mature. Many parents find difficulties communicating with their children when they reach the teen years. Kids start to want more independence and parents may not approve of their choices or actions.

The Informed Parent recently posted about “Effective Communication with Your Teen”. In their post they outline ways for parents with teens to communicate better. It can be really difficult to communicate with your teen without it turning into a controversial argument. These tips may be able to help you out a lot.

How do you communicate with your teen? What is your technique to diffuse a controversial situation when it arises?