What To Do When You Are About To Lose Your Temper

Have you ever reached a point of frustration that made you lose your temper? Every parent has or will lose his/her temper. Yes, even the most soft-spoken, calm, and collected ones. Even though we love our kids dearly, as human beings there’s just bound to be moments of frustration, irritation, and exhaustion. While it is normal to get angry, the matter with which we express our anger is often a source of pain and resentment for everyone involved.

To avoid creating permanent scars in our family, parents need to know how to positively channel our emotions of anger. This may seem a tough thing to do, but with constant practice, lots of prayer and mindfulness, it is possible to handle and release our temper healthily.

As a mother who struggled (and is still struggling) with managing her temper, here are a few tips I can offer:

1. Walk away.

2. Count to 10.

3. Sing a song.

4. Do something productive.

5. Once you’re calm, respond to the situation with gentle guidance.

If you want more tips on how to manage your temper, this post has some great advice: “10 Things To Try Before You Lose Your Temper With Your Child.”