Toilet Training Trouble: Be Prepared for These Issues

Learning to use the toilet is an important milestone for both parents and children. While some people think that potty training just means freedom from the financial burden of diapers,  it actually has a deeper psychological meaning. The start of toilet training marks a child’s new step towards independence and self-sufficiency. Studies have shown that the wrong potty training practices can cause long-term psychological effects in children.

For this very reason it is very important for parents to understand the process of toilet training before actually embarking on it with our kids. Reacting wrongly to your kids’ behavior during the training may make the process longer and even scar them emotionally and mentally for life. To help get you ready, I have put together a list of some of the problems that you are most likely to encounter during your kids’ transition from diapers to potty. Knowing these things in advance will minimize outbursts of emotion from you.

1. Your child will wet himself/herself in the bed at night.

2. There will be accidents–in public places and the carpet!

3. Your child may play with his/her poo and spread it around.

4. Your child will poo or pee right after being taken off the toilet.

5. Your child who is completely toilet trained can revert back to square one.

I hope this simple list will help you get ready to potty-train your child. If you think you need more information, here is a good resource: “Toilet Training – Part 1.”