Toy Story 3 Given the Thumbs Up From the Vatican

“The Vatican daily L’Osservatore Romano has offered up praise for Disney-Pixar’s “Toy Story 3” for providing moviegoers with a profound reflection on transcendental human themes and a lesson on true friendship through the experience of the film’s toy stars.

In the film’s third installment, Woody and Buzz Lightyear, together with their friends, are forced to confront their future. Their owner, Andy, has stopped playing with them and at 17 is preparing to head off to college. He must decide whether to donate the toys to a day care center or throw them away.

According to Vallini, “Toy Story 3” reveals that “friendship is the true bond of this unlikely yet tight-net group of toys” and allows the moviegoer to reflect on “important themes such as the value of friendship and solidarity, the fear of feeling alone or rejected, the unavoidability of growing up and the strength that comes from feeling like you belong to a family.”” – “Vatican paper praises ‘Toy Story 3’ and its lesson on true friendship”, Catholic News Agency

I’m glad to see that Toy Story 3 is being supported by the Church as well as the masses. I saw this movie and enjoyed it just as thoroughly as the other two. The lesson on friendship that is expressed in this movie has been a common theme throughout the trilogy and I am glad it is getting picked up on. These movies are just as entertaining for adults as they are for children in my opinion. If you haven’t seen this one yet take your kids, or go alone, and go to this one! If you have three extra dollars too I would suggest the 3D version!