Winter Travel

It is freezing here in the Northeast.  I mean, single-digit cold.  And as I spend each evening under tons of blankets and desperately gripping a cup of hot tea, my mind cannot help but wander to thoughts of warm, sunny, exotic destinations.

Luckily, the good people at have compiled a list of the  “Top 10 Paradises on Earth.”  Most of the geographical description is predictable–gorgeous beaches, serene waters, etc.  However, some of the locations may surprise you (such as South Africa and Chile), and if they don’t, travelworth has thrown in a couple of off-beat choices just to ensure your intrigue.

Some of the ‘game-changers’ include Canada’s Algonquin Park, Micronesia, and even England’s Cotswolds (which, although this place will not solve the problem of me slowly freezing to death, is actually quite stunning in its old world charm).

The full list can be found here, and in all honesty every single one of the places listed sounds awesome.