Because Measuring True Happiness Is Much Easier Than Finding It…

Blue Zones has developed a new app called the “True Happiness Compass” which claims to give a comprehensive analysis of ones happiness level in under 5 minutes.   Under the tagline of “43 questions. 3 minutes. 5 recommendations.”, the True Happiness Compass gives analysis on how your life is remembered, experienced, and the effect of your environment on your quality of life.

MyCatholicBlog took the quiz and yes, it did in fact take about 3 minutes.  As with any quiz, the results were fairly generalized, but the questions themselves were thought-provoking and forced a fair amount of self-examination (as much as can occur within five minutes, anyway).

And, rumor has it that this new innovation is set to be discussed on Oprah today, so it will undoubtedly receive a staggering increase in popularity and notoriety.