Parenting Tip: Winning the Heart of Your Child

I have always known what I wanted to be as a parent. I want to be my children’s best friend, like many other parents also strive for. So reading this wonderful post from the Laundry Moms entitled “The Parenting Secret” really struck a chord in me. We have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill as parents–we need to provide for them, discipline them, support their endeavors and many others. And while these are all important parenting duties, I could not help with agree with the writer of the article above that one of the most important task we need to do as parents is to make sure that we have won the hearts of our children.

And what does “winning your children’s heart means? Well, for me, I would say that this means having children who genuinely feel that we (their parents) are the best person they can share their thoughts, ideas, and dreams with. Certainly the actions and attitudes necessary to win a child’s heart will differ from one child to another, but I believe that what lies at its very foundation is the parents’ decision to invest whatever is necessary to build this close, God-honoring relationship with the child.

So tell me, what parenting methods do you use to win the hearts of your children? Let me know in the comments!

Trust: When You Can’t Find God

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you asked, “Lord where are you?” Well you should know that you are not alone. Most Catholics (myself included) have at one time or another looked up to heavens and asked this very question; not because we have come to stop believing in God’s existence but because we are missing his presence in our lives.

When we go through painful experiences, we have this inclination to ask why God has allowed such horrible things to happen to us–his faithful people. While I used to think this way, over the years, I was able to realize that all Christians are not exempt from this issue of pain and sorrow. As a matter of fact, the Scripture says that believers are bound to experience tribulation, persecution, and all kinds of troubling things. Even the Lord’s own son went through unspeakable pain that he surely did not deserve.

Like Jesus, instead of clinging to pain, we must cling to God’s love and trust his will completely. As one song’s lyric goes, “God is too wise to be mistaken; God is too good to be unkind. So when you don’t understand, when you don’t see His plan, when you can’t trace His hand; trust His heart.”

If you are going through some dark time right now, draw inspiration from this post, “Where Was God.”

Faith, Humility, and Trust are Reoccurring Themes in Biblical Stories

It seems like in nearly every Biblical story where an angel appears to a human, the first thing they say is, “Do not be afraid!”. The more I thought about that, the more it made sense that I would totally need some reassuring in a situation like that. The angel has a message to pass along in most instances as well. Often the message is something that the individual at first finds crazy, but shows faith in. Their faith is later rewarded obviously because that tends to be how God does things.

I share this thought because I read a post this morning titled, “Speaking With an Angel Requires Faith, Humility, Trust”. The post spoke about instances where angels have appeared to humans. It is a truly humbling experience because of the sheer magnitude of what is occurring. Often faith and trust are big elements of these stories too because of the message being sent through these angels by God. The post talks about Mary, Joseph, and Zechariah and their own personal experiences with angels and God. The post is beautiful and you should check it out.

Luke (12:25) Means You Need to Trust God and Live in the Present

I read a post today called the “Sacrament of the Present Moment”. It talked about the way that so many people are caught up in the past and future. They forget that the only moment that is truly real, is right now. The author of this post used a merry-go-round analogy that I thought was perfect. Staying centered and focused on the present is like being in the center of the merry-go-round, while living in the past or future is like holding onto the edge. It is easier to be thrown completely off from the edges.

The post is focused around this quote, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” – (Luke 12:25). The point of this post was to remember that worrying about the future or being caught in the past are just distractions. God will guide your path and he has great plans for you. Let them happen.