God’s Blessings are Like The Weather

Have you ever thought of characterizing God’s blessings in the same way that you would describe the weather? Have you ever seen the characteristics these two actually share in common? No? Well, same here. I’ve read a few writings comparing God’s blessing to a river, a waterfall, a garden, a burning fire, and even a radio station. I have never encountered a comparison between God’s blessings and the weather until today, through this post: The Weather of God’s Blessings.

This very inspiring post says: “Like rain or snow God’s blessings come, making our lives fruitful.” Indeed, the blessings we receive from above enrich our lives–helping us grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. However, like rain, there will be times when the blessings we hope to receive don’t come on time. During these times of drought, we must continue to trust God and believe that in His time, we will receive the rain we ask for.