Parenting Tip: The Best Ways to Beat Winter Boredom

It isn’t easy having young children run around the house. It’s even more difficult when they cannot go outside because it’s simply too cold. This problem faces parents each winter. It seems like there is nothing to do in the months of January, February, and sometimes most of March. The cold weather and shorter days does not help. Children get cooped up inside the house all day, and that can spell trouble for parents.

I recently read about six fun indoor winter activities for a long weekend, and thought that some of their ideas might be helpful to parents. They listed ideas such as baking some fun recipes together, arts and crafts time, and an indoor picnic as good ways to beat winter boredom. They also suggested doing basic science experiments at home too, which I thought was probably their most interesting idea. Their last suggestion of getting a head start seems a bit ambitious, but if you can somehow coax your kids into that one (not likely) then go for it!

How Christmas Has Been Turned Into the Generic “Winter Holiday”

So for the sake of consumerism Christmas has been turned in the generic “winter holiday”. Hooray…wait what are we celebrating for again? It seems like there is a lack of reasoning behind Christmas if it isn’t about the birth of Christ anymore. Are we celebrating winter? That’s a depressing thought. Are we celebrating our families? Nope, that’s Thanksgiving. It’s gotta be the Winter Solstice right? Buying presents because of the shortest day of the year sounds like a stretch.

I read a post on Young, Evangelical, and Catholic today called, “Why losing the War on Christmas is great for the Church (but bad for business)”. It opened my eyes to how generic and stripped down Christmas has become lately. In my eyes the only inspiring way to view Christmas is as the celebration of Christ’s birth, but hey that’s just me.

Indoor Family Activities: Good Ways to Spend Time Inside

In a recent post I talked about playing board games with your kids and how it can be a fun and educational experience for all those involved. In regards to that topic of fun indoor activities to do with your family, there is more to share. A recent post on Mommy of Two Little Monkeys titled, “5 Activities to Do Inside When the Weather is Bad”, had some more wonderful ideas I thought were worthy of sharing.

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your kids when you are stuck inside for a day or two?