World Youth Day in Madrid Being Fundraised For Already

“With World Youth Day Madrid less than a year away, young people from various countries in Latin America are coming up with creative ways to raise the money needed to attend the event.

According to WYD Madrid 2011 organizers, young people like Karen, Paulina and Nataly in Medellin, Colombia, are holding bake sales and making breakfast at their parishes.

“After WYD in Sydney, we saw a video of the Pope announcing that the next one would be in Madrid,” Karen said. “We were filled with emotion and we asked the Lord to help us attend,” she added.

Deissy and her friends, also from Colombia, have been selling lunches in their city and going door-to-door to ask for donations.

In the Brazilian capital of Brasilia, many young people are taking on extra jobs in order to raise money. “We are doing everything we can,” says a young Brazilian named Ieda.

Young Catholics in Arequipa, Peru are selling homemade key chains, bookmarks and books with religious pictures.

Most of the young people agree that the trip to Spain begins with their work to raise money.” – “Young People Finding Creative Ways to Raise Money for WYD Madrid”,

This post from is all about young adults beginning to raise money for World Youth Day. It really seems like kids all over are starting to do whatever they can to raise money for the event. It should be a good time if everybody is already set on the fund raising aspect of it. Some of the ideas these kids have had a great as well, like selling religious bookmarks and key chains. Every little bit of money helps the cause and will surely make it that much more fun for everybody who attends!