Worshiping God During Trying Times

This morning I stumbled into a post called What do I want to be known for? and it made me want to share my thoughts on worshiping God amidst adversity.

For most of us, worshiping God when things are going well is easy–as a matter of fact, it comes naturally. It is so easy to worship God for all of the wonderful things he has done in your life. However, when hardships and problems set in, it can be quite difficult to come to God in praise and worship.

I myself have had certain times in my life when I felt like I did not want to worship God–like I had no reason to do so. However, over the years, I have come to realize that worshiping God during troubled times makes is very important and helpful. The act of praising God during hard times can be very liberating. Worship focuses our thoughts to our Lord; it makes us aware of his power and his sovereignty over everything. In short, the act of worship can open our eyes to the beautiful truth that God is in control, and that there is no need to fret.