How Young is Too Young to Use an iPad?

With tablets becoming even more popular after this holiday season I think it is time to wonder, are these things really good for young kids? Sure, they have a ton of educational apps and those are all great. They can also help to give overwhelmed parents a break by letting the kids be safely occupied. However, how young is too young to be using an iPad? Adults in the world today are seemingly addicted to their screens. Whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, or tablet it seems that everybody is always on some sort of device. Does this mean that children will be raised on these devices? I love the educational value of things like the iPad, but I wonder if there are also negatives people are overlooking.

I read a story about why your 2 year old doesn’t need an iPad and realized a negative aspect of kids using devices like these. The blog post was about how a mom let her 2 year old use her iPad for fun one afternoon. It went great and her daughter became an instant fan of the iPad. However, the next few days her daughter wanted no part of any other game, only the iPad. This sort of technology addiction could be dangerous. Is there a way to limit young children’s use of the iPad or do parents have to hide iPads from them until they are older? These are all things I wonder about with this new technology.