Teaching Children How To Handle Everyday Conflicts

In this life all of us are bound to face conflict sooner or later–it is an unavoidable part of life as we are all different individuals with different preferences and opinions. Disagreements, mishandled differences, and opinions can lead to serious confrontations, hurt feelings, and even violence. For this very reason, it is very important that we teach our children how to deal with conflicts positively and constructively at an early age to keep them from resorting to aggression or violence.

Although a great part of conflict-resolution or conflict-management skills can be learned only through first-hand experience, parents can give our children the most basic principles to give them the right ideas early. In my opinion, some of the most important concepts we need to teach our children to help them deal with conflicts well include:

1. Apologizing

2. Sharing

3. Fair play

4. No hitting

5. The use of kind words

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