Teaching Kids Kindness: A Constant Work in Progress

Reading one mother’s account of her daughter’s kind heart in a post titled, “Nice People Rock,” reminded me of a party my children and I attended a few days ago. My kids had a lot of fun at the event, but on our way home they had a few stories to tell about how some of their playmates weren’t “nice.” Hearing stories like these break my heart, not only because my child was hurt (either emotionally or physically), but also because of the fact that some kids have to suffer the bitterness and pain of being unkind. Teaching kids kindness is so important because there are plenty of adults who still have to suffer these same feelings, and that is sad. I’m not saying that my children (or myself) are perfect. Everybody has their moments, but for the most part I encourage my children to play nice. I also try to do the same. Teaching kids kindness is truly important. Kindness is a trait that can get you the things in life that money cannot buy, like friends, personal happiness, and love.

If you feel that your child is not so strong in the area of kindness, I have a few tips to offer:

1. Make it clear to your child that unkind actions do have consequences and follow through for every misdeed.

2. Help your child realize their wrong by encouraging empathy.

3. Give your child a chance to make amends to the person that he/she has hurt.

Do you have other ideas to share? Please let us know through the comments section.