Teaching Kids to Respect Physical Differences

Reading “Preparing Children For Meeting People With Visible Differences” inspired me to write this post. Children with their innocence can be quite honest. Although this trait of theirs can be quite entertaining and eye-opening for adults, unfortunately, their candid comments can also hurt others. For this very reason, parents should take the responsibility to teach our children about diversity–to respect and accept others who are different from them. Teaching kids to respect physical differences is something all parents should surely look into doing.

We are living in an increasingly diverse world, and our kids are bound to interact with people of different cultures, religions, and appearance. Teaching them to be open to differences will not only keep our children from hurting others but also help them have more opportunities in education, business, and many other aspects of life.

So, how can we do this? Let me share my own thoughts:

1. Given that children watch, listen and imitate, us parents should examine how we interact with others who are different than us.
2. Encourage children to ask questions about differences; and make an effort to give a proper and correct answer.
3. Never let any prejudicial remark go by without intervening.
4. Try to find opportunities to expose your kids to people who are different from them.
5. Be quick to point out unfair stereotypes that may be portrayed in the media.

Please feel free to share your own tips in the comments section. How do you go about teaching kids to respect physical differences?