Teaching Your Children to Read: What Methods Have You Used?

Parents teach their children to do a lot of things throughout life, some of them intentionally and other unintentionally. It is safe to say that young children are always watching, taking things in, and learning from life’s experiences. Teaching your child to read is a very big deal. Getting them even a small head start before they attend school can make a huge difference in their development and learning process. In my opinion, giving your child a head start can be as simple as reading them stories every night before bed. Instead of letting them watch TV getting into the habit of reading a book can be a really great thing. It not only teaches them words and sounds, but also reinforces a positive habit they will hopefully continue doing on their own some day.

A recent post on Playground Dad talked about teaching your baby to read. It goes over the methods of two individuals who teach very young children to read. I felt the methods discussed in the article were somewhat interesting, and would be curious to see them in action.

How did you teach your children to read and at what age?