Teaching Your Kids to Value Themselves

If you have a daughter, you should read this sweet blog post of one dad who made sure that he was his daughter’s first date: “Confessions of an Overprotective Dad: The Dating Threshold.” He took the inspiration from another father who made the tradition to be the first man to ever take his daughters’ out when they reach the right age to begin dating. He made plans for their date, gave them flowers, opened doors for them, took them to a nice restaurant and showed them how¬†a gentleman should treat a lady. This post was more than just a lesson in dating. It was more about teaching your kids to value themselves.

See, the father did not only take his daughters to their first dates just for fun or just because he wants to, he instituted this custom to help his daughters set their standards so they won’t end up settling for less than they deserve.

Our children are our life’s most precious treasures. It is very important for parents to let them be aware of just how precious they are. Giving our children a high sense of value is one way of helping protect them from the wrong kind of people. We all know they exist, even if we wish they didn’t. Focus on teaching your kids to value themselves, no matter how you choose to do it. I thought this father’s idea was a great example though.