Thanksgiving Traditions: How Does Your Family Spend the Holiday?

With it being Monday of a holiday week I figured that I would post about the Thanksgiving traditions of my family. A recent post titled, “Holiday Traditions” from Dad’s Round Table sparked my creativity on this one. One Thanksgiving tradition in my family is the post-meal Thanksgiving touch football game. Getting up and moving around after you eat is a great way to stop that food hangover that often kicks in during the second NFL game on Thanksgiving. We always divide up the teams as parents vs. kids to make it interesting and exciting. The kids get so hyped up for this game it is great!

Another Thanksgiving family tradition we have is the post-dessert bingo game with grandma. She shops for little prizes to give the kids and everybody gathers around for a half hour or forty five minutes to play. Both of these traditions have been going on for years in my family and I hope they never stop. In my opinion, no matter what your tradition is, if it helps your family to spend more time together its a win!

What are your family’s Thanksgiving traditions?