The Best Catholic Articles This Week – January 4

These were my favorite Catholic articles from last week. I spend a really good amount of time reading each week, and I love sharing what I find. These were some of the best articles I read all week!

Are We On Earth for Our Enjoyment? – This article focuses on one of the letters of Blessed Zélie Martin. What I took away from the article was that Blessed Zélie Martin was telling us to learn to take the good and the bad in stride. People expect to be happy all of the time, when in reality part of life is suffering.

Pick a Saint for 2013 – This post is about choosing a patron saint for the new year. A lot of people have started the tradition of choosing a patron saint each new year. I think this is a cool way to get to know more about different patron saints. The author of this post chose J.R.R. Tolkien although he is not a saint. I enjoyed the reasoning behind her choice, and I think you will too.

In the Pursuit of Holiness There is No Finish Line – In this article the author talks about some tips for your family. If you would like to get your family praying together in 2013, this article has some wonderful ideas that could help you as a family. I think the idea of families having prayer time together is great, but like anything else it will take practice to make it a habit. If you take the time it can be something that helps you to grow both as a family and spiritually.