The Best Parenting Articles This Week – December 7

As you all know I like to read all sorts of parenting blogs. I figured it might be cool to do a weekly roundup of all my favorites parenting posts from the week. I am such an active reader but the ones I share at the end of the week are truly parenting articles you should go check out on your own! This week I have five different posts that parents will benefit from or just plain enjoy reading.

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media – Let’s be honest here, kids today are doing things on social media sites that we never dreamed would be possible. The issue I see is that by the time parents figure out how cool something is (example: Facebook), kids are already moving on to the next big thing (example: Twitter, Instagram, etc.). This post talks about how parent’s can keep their children safe in the always growing social media realm.

Parenting Prodigals and Pharisees – This post is really good example of how even children raised by the same family can be so very different. Personalities, likes and dislikes, attitudes, age, and gender all play into how this is possible. Just another reminder that being a good parent is not a “cookie cutter” activity. What works for one child should not just be applied across the board for all children.

5 Ways to Keep a Toddler Busy When Working From Home – Many parents are working from home in today’s world, but having a toddler around can complicate things. These suggestions from the author are actually good ideas that parents could use. My favorite idea was giving your toddler toy work items like plastic phones and such. They can pretend they’re working alongside you!

Parenting Heavy Stuff – This post was made by a mother who is concerned about whether or not she is doing a good enough job as a parent, and how her son will turn out in the future. This post echoes sentiments all parents have felt before. Worrying just means that you are a good, concerned parent. You are probably doing a terrific job if you are constantly worried about your abilities as a parent and your child’s well being, so relax a little!

A New Highlight in Parenting: Sledding – This is the kind of post that should just put a smile on your face. It’s a post about a dad who takes his son sledding for the first time.

I highly suggest checking out all of these parenting posts. Check back next Friday for more awesome parenting articles!