The Best Parenting Articles This Week – January 4

It’s Friday so that means it is time to list my favorite parenting articles for this week. Actually, it’s more like the last two weeks because with Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day I have had some shortened weeks. Anyway these posts are all great and worth checking out if you are looking for some reading material about parenting. You might even learn a thing or two!

The Sleep of the Parents – This article is about how having kids changes a person’s sleeping habits for good. The author uses a really cool comparison to describe how her own sleep patterns changed. Whether you have a baby or a teen, you can find a reason to be worried and wake up with the slightest noise.

Your 2 Year Old Doesn’t Need an iPad – The title speaks for itself, but this article is about why your young children do not need to use an iPad. The article gives concession to the fact that there are some great educational benefits to having kids use technology like iPads. However, the author also talks about a personal story with her daughter becoming obsessed with the iPad.

Sleep Training: It’s a First World Problem – This article suggests that modern Western culture has created the problem of sleep training for parents. The article advocates co-sleeping and gives reasoning throughout history and other parts of the world where it is successful.

4 Powerful and Effective Alternatives to Punishment – This article gives alternatives to being hurtful and yelling at your children. Keeping calm and using these techniques will be better for you, your kids, and your family dynamic overall. The one tip I thought parents could benefit from the most was the prevention section of this article. It talks about how to prevent situations that could lead to potentially aggravating scenarios.

You should definitely check out all of these parenting articles! They were the BEST ones that I have read in the last week, and I think you’ll enjoy them.