The Best Time To Potty Train

A lot of parents wonder when they should start potty training their child. Some say that¬†between 22 and 30 months of age is the best time to potty train your child. As for me, I would say that the best time to toilet train is “when your child is ready.” I do not believe that there is an exact time for parents to start introducing their kids to the potty. Rather, the start of this developmental milestone should depend on a child’s readiness. In other words, I side more on the child-led approach than the¬†stringent toilet-training techniques imposed by parents. The best time to potty train your child is when you and your child are both ready to try it.

So how can you tell if your child is ready? Here are some signs to look for:

  • Has enough coordination to walk, and even run, steadily.
  • Has regular, well-formed bowel movements at relatively predictable times.
  • Has words for urine and stool.
  • Has dry diapers for at least two hours or during naps.
  • Can sit down quietly in one position for short periods of time.
  • Shows interest in the bathroom habits of others.
  • Demonstrates a desire for independence.

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