The Proper Christian Response to Suffering

To be a Christian means to follow the way of Christ–to live a life that is in accordance to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The Pope’s message for May 7th saying that “Good Christians Don’t Whine About Suffering,” ought to make all of us who call ourselves Christians to reflect on one of Christ’s qualities that most of us neglect–meekness in the midst of trial.

When we go through trying times, we often find ourselves complaining about how difficult life is. Often we even take our complaining to the Church–ranting to God about all the awful things that we are experiencing. While I believe that God does not mind us telling him about our worries, it must break God’s heart when he hears us whining about the “load of our crosses.” There is such a thing as a proper Christian response to suffering.

I certainly believe that Jesus do not want us “carry our cross and follow him” with a heavy heart. Our Savior has warned us that the righteous will suffer. Jesus himself suffered, and with this he left us a standard for how we are to respond to the suffering. Try your best to have a Christian response to suffering the next time you experience it. You might find that your entire outlook on life will become more positive.