The Constant Desire To Be A Better Mom

I believe every mother has the desire within her to be the best possible mom for her children. Although we are pretty sure our kids think that we are wonderful, most of us have this inner voice that is constantly telling us that we can and must do better. Striving to be a great mom is a noble goal, but the line that separates it from a a full blown obsession of being the perfect mom is very thin; and it can be hard even for experienced mothers to know that they are actually treading on dangerous grounds.

Of course, we will always look for ways to improve your maternal skills but we should be careful not to get lost in the motions and forget what’s really important. I know that it can be hard to not have doubts with your maternal skills especially when we are constantly bombarded with parenting advice from family members, friends, parenting gurus, etc. But becoming too concerned with getting parenting right can drain your mind and body and can turn you into a monster instead of an admirable supermom.

Look for ways to improve yourself but always remember that you have been endowed by God with the innate skills to raise and care for your kids. You can read a good example of great but not over-the-top actions you can take to become a better mother in this post: Five Ways to Be a More Effective Mom.