The Effects of Shaming Children are Not Positive

I read an article this morning that I 100% agree with–“Shame Does Not Teach Children to Do Better.” I have seen a few parents on the internet advocating “shaming” as a disciplinary tactic. No matter how much I try to see something positive from this practice, I just can’t find anything. The effects of shaming children are not positive nor have they ever been.

Frankly, I would say that “shaming” is a form of emotional abuse. Some parents may say that it is an effective way to teach a child a lesson. I think that shaming does more than teach kids a lesson, it scars them for life. Well yes, you may be instilling a lesson in your kid’s mind when you humiliate them but at what cost? Ample evidence from academic research that shows that children who are consistently shamed as a punishment grow up to be depressed, anxious, and less confident than others. You could probably guess that the effects of shaming children are not positive, but parents still continue to do it.

As in everything in life, quick fixes are not good. With shaming, you may be able to stop the initial problem fast, but in exchange you are causing some serious damages to your child–damages that will affect them for life.