The Greatest Lesson We Can Teach Our Kids

I stumbled onto this interview today: “Being A Mother.” The mother’s answer to the question: “If your children only learn one life lesson from you, what do you hope it is?” is totally worth sharing. She said, the most important lesson she would her kids to take from her is this: “Love God and love others. Those are the greatest commandments.”

Isn’t it wonderful to find parents who make it their priority to draw their kids close to God and teach them about his commandments? I truly believe that this is the greatest lesson we can teach our kids. Most parents these days spend a great deal of time and money helping their children develop their mental faculties and talents. While there is nothing wrong with this, parents must not forget how important it is for us to help our children know Christ and have a close bond with him.

However, we must keep in mind that  when it comes to teaching kids about Jesus,  most of the time what they learn is caught and not taught. This means that even if we tell them all the right things about the importance of their relationship with Christ, if our own relationship with him is faltering, our kids will unconsciously follow suit. So part of the greatest lesson we can teach our kids comes from within.