The Impact of Our Catholic Faith

A recent post at The Catholic Writers’ Guild titled, “The Narrow View” brought me a wonderful realization today. The realization was that my faith has the power to affect not only the lives of the people around me or those who are living in my time, but can also possibly make an impact in the lives of believers in the future. The impact of our Catholic faith now, impacts the faith of Catholics for generations. Isn’t that amazing?

Just as how the faith of the 12 Apostles and the early followers of Christ affected (and continue to affect) the faith of Christians who lived hundreds of years after them; our faith too has the potential to transform the lives of others who will live years after we are long gone. Only if we work hard to strengthen and nurture it.

May the thought of how we can still continue bringing souls closer to the Lord even after we have left the Earth further fuel our desire for a life-long unwavering relationship with the Lord. The impact of our Catholic faith is far greater than any one of us, but we all contribute to the big picture.