The Kids’ Table: A Holiday Tradition

With the holidays approaching quickly now I am sure you or a family member is getting prepared to have everybody over to celebrate either Thanksgiving, Christmas, or both. I read a post recently on Parenting Magazine’s site titled, “Do You Believe in the Kids’ Table?” and it made me think about the dynamic of a kids’ table. I remembered back to when I was a child and honestly the best part of holidays was sitting at the kids’ table.

I don’t believe that it is shunning children to put them at their own table. In fact, I think that kids like to feel special and have their own designated spot. Adults will want to talk about certain topics at holiday dinner table and children will want to do their own thing. I have fond memories of the kids’ table from when I grew up and I think it is a great tradition to have during holiday meals.

Does your family have a kids’ table?