The Life of Saint Wenceslaus: Patron Saint of Bohemia

It was uncommon for political people in history to stand up against the majority. There were many persecutors and the risk of death was too great. Saint Wenceslaus knew this but it didn’t keep him from infusing Christianity into the government of Bohemia.

The Life of Saint Wenceslaus

Saint Wenceslaus was the son of the Duke of Bohemia. His grandmother, Ludmilla, raised him as a Christian, despite his mother’s anti-Christian beliefs. Sadly, grandmother Ludmilla was later killed because of her Christian beliefs.

Most would think that Saint Wenceslaus would not be able to succeed his father’s role in the Bohemia government, but that was not what happened. Christian rivals made it possible for Wenceslaus to become the ruler of Bohemia.

In his ruling, he supported the Church. He also met with Germany to begin peace negotiations. This infuriated anti-Christians. His brother was anti-Christian like his mom. One day, his brother Boleslav invited Wenceslaus to the celebration of St. Cosmas and Damian. When Wenceslaus was on his way to Mass, his brother attacked him. In their struggle, Wenceslaus was killed by his brother’s supporters. Upon his death, Christians proclaimed him as a martyr for his faith despite opposition. He was buried and his grave is a shrine now. He is known as the patron or Saint of Bohemia.

What We Can Learn from St. Wenceslaus

Most politicians do not factor in God’s teachings in how they run the government. When they do, they usually meet opposition from anti-Christians, just as in the case of St. Wenceslaus.

What must be remembered about St. Wenceslaus is that he didn’t let that stand in his way. He knew there was a chance he would be killed for his beliefs, just as his grandmother was, but he didn’t let his faith falter. Many of us would live much closer to God if we adopted the faith St. Wenceslaus had. Many of us fear that if we stand against others, we will be punished by them. However, what happens when we stand up against God? Well, we end up turning away from Him. God has put us on Earth to help him not to go against Him. Being true to God means delivering the message He wants passed on to Earth.

How We Can Bring God Closer

Try to get involved in community activities to do good according to God. You can be of great influence to the community if you just take the time to deliver God’s message. Do things that please God. Helping the poor, encouraging peace, and helping others do the same can deliver God’s message in a way that helps people see your beliefs are for good, not for corruption. By taking an active role in your community, or local government, you can bring God closer to you and many others. If you do your part in delivering God’s message, and others do the same, our communities and life will continue to receive God’s good graces.