The Need For “Mommy Breaks”: Recharge Your Batteries

Do you take “mommy breaks?” I certainly hope you do! Taking regular breaks from the toughest job on earth is a must! Doing so will not only keep you sane but will also help you maintain that loving and caring attitude towards your family.

As mothers, we carry a great deal of the load at home–we are the cook, the cleaner, the¬†chauffeur, the personal shopper, the referee, the banker, the teacher, and much more. It is not hard to see that doing all of these jobs on a daily basis will leave even the most efficient and most dedicated mother feeling¬†stressed, overwhelmed, and tired.

A stressed, overwhelmed, and tired person is very unlikely to do her job well. In terms of being a mother, pushing yourself further even when you are exhausted will lead you to lose sight of the beautiful role that motherhood has in your life and the lives of your children.

That is why it is important that we find time to take a break, take care of ourselves and replenish our emptied-out tanks. So please, don’t be scared to give yourself a well-deserved break. Doing so won’t make you less of a mother. As a matter of fact, by giving yourself a chance to recharge, you are bound to be a better mother. Mommy breaks are crucial to staying fresh and energetic.

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