The Need For Parents Stay In Control

If you are reading this post hoping you can get some ideas on how to have full control of your child, then let me tell you that this isn’t going to be about that. Instead, this post is about controlling yourself–that’s right, ourselves as parents.

It is not uncommon for parents to lose themselves around their children and end up unintentionally yelling at or hurting the kids they love so dearly. There are days when all the whining, fighting, crying, and creating messes just gets the best of us. While I know that it is impossible to never get angry, a constant display of lack of self-control can send a negative message to our observing children.

As one mother puts it in her blog post entitled, A Valuable Parenting Tip, “Our children need us to be their rock. They need to be able to borrow our calm. When your child is feeling out of control, they need to know that someone is okay. And that someone is you. They need to feel secure knowing that you are stable while their world feels rocked.”

As parents, we must make an effort to not allow the behavior of our kids to determine our behavior. Rather than focusing on getting our kids under control right away, we should allow ourselves to take a moment to get ourselves under control first.