The Power of Hearing “I Love You Mom”

I read a blog post titled “Surviving The Domino Effect Days of Motherhood,” and it reminded me of the power of the words,¬†“I love you Mom”.

I mean aren’t these words just wonderful music to your ears? Hearing “I love you Mom,”¬†just melts my heart away every time! They make me forget how tired I am, how difficult motherhood is, how stressful my everyday life can be, and remind me of why I do all that I do and how beautiful and blessed my life is.

It is incredible how motherhood has changed me. It has made me find joy and fulfillment in the most simple things, and made me realize that it is not the material things, nor the uncountable professional achievements that make me most happy; but the soft whispers of my little ones, letting me know that they love me.