The Power of Prayer in Trying Times

Another heart breaking tragedy has hit our nation, this time in the form of a massive tornado. While my family and I are thankful that we were not put through such a horrible calamity, we cannot help but shed a tear for all those who are affected by it. We would like to bring comfort to everyone who is affected by the disaster, we cannot be there for them physically. However, this does not mean that there’s nothing we can do for them. The power of prayer is always available to those who seek it.

As they say, you always have something to give. We may think that there is nothing we can offer others, but the truth is, there is always something that we can do to help. How? Pray–yes, we can give them the powerful gift of prayer. The spirit of love we share with them, magnified through prayer, reaches across the miles to comfort and bless all whose lives have been affected by the calamity. “Our Blessed Pope Francis urged us all to Join Hands And Prayer For Our Brothers And Sisters In Oklahoma. The power of prayer should not go overlooked.

I urge you to say this prayer with me:

Compassionate God, source of all comfort,
We pray for the people whose lives have devastated by rain and flood.
Bring them comfort, we pray.
Protect the vulnerable.
Strengthen the weak.
Keep at bay the spread of disease.
Have mercy on all those working to rescue the stranded and to feed the hungry.
And may our response to their suffering be generous and bring you praise.

For we ask it in Jesus Name, Amen.

Christian Aid

Never forget about the power of prayer. When you feel helpless turn to God in prayer.