The Saint of the Day – July 12th

“St. Ignatius Delgado was a Spanish missionary and is now one of the martyrs of Vietnam.

He was born in Villafeliche, Spain, in 1761. He was raised in a pious family, became a Dominican priest and served as a missionary to Vietnam for almost 50 years.

He was named coadjutor vicar-apostolic at East Tonkin, Vietnam. However, government-sanctioned persecution of Christians began soon after. He was arrested, locked in a cage put on public display for ridicule and abuse, and left to die. He died of hunger and exposure in 1838.

The martyr was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1988.” – “St. Ignatius Delgado”, A Catholic View

I choose to share this great post from A Catholic View with you all today because today is Saint Ignatius’ feast day. We should all say a quick prayer to Saint Ignatius today, and remember that the saint suffered for his faith terribly as you have just read. He is also remembered on November 24th each year with the other martyrs who lost their lives in Vietnam. If you are having unjust sufferings forced upon you than a prayer to Saint Ignatius for strength and help to do the right thing might be in order. Keep in mind Saint Ignatius Delgado today, as well as Saint John Gualbert.