The Spiritual Desert: A Place of Fulfilled Promises

 I feel utterly blessed to have found and read this post titled “A Survival Guide For The Spiritual Desert.” Here, the writer shares his personal experience with the “deserts” of Christian life. Having gone through an awful lot of trials, the writer asked these questions: “Why is it when we feel like we are at our worst, like we’ve been in a spiritual desert for way, way too long, like we can’t take one more day of this trial, that we don’t get angels coming to minister to us? Instead we meet temptations that cause us to doubt the very core of our identity in God?”

Don’t these questions resonate within you? Because, they do to me. They’re questions I myself have asked a few times in my life, and I have struggled to find answers to these questions before. I have found the answers just as the writer above found his answers–through the life of Jesus Christ. The life of Christ can teach you how to deal with the spiritual desert.

We are tried for a reason. Just as Jesus was brought to a desert to be tempted, we are put through a series of trials to make us stronger. More importantly, to make us see just how faithful God is to his promises (despite and inspite of how we feel about him).