The Touch of Jesus Can Change Your Life Forever

We are living in a society where people have become very sensitive of the way they are touched.  Nevertheless, there are still many instances wherein a touch is greatly welcomed. For example, the touch of Jesus can change your life forever in a positive and amazing way.

A lot of fans are willing to pay large amounts of money just to be in the front row of a concert so they could have a chance to touch their favorite celebrity–from sports fans to fans of movie stars and music artists. To be able to shake the hands or simply just touch the garment of their favorite star can bring so much thrill and happiness in some people.

There’s one touch that brings more than just excitement–Jesus’ touch. The touch of Jesus brings pure joy, encouragement, enlightenment, transformation and healing. Take the story of the blind man that was healed by the touch of Jesus or the leper and the woman that had bled for years. The touch of Jesus changed the lives of all these people during his time.

If you need help or healing in your life today, reach out to Jesus. Make no mistake about it. The touch of Jesus can change your life forever, that is for sure.

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