The “Well, You Just Wait” Comment

If you are a parent, you must have heard of or maybe have even used the phrase, “well, you just wait…” Like or instance, a pregnant woman tells another parent with a newborn how uncomfortable being pregnant is and how she can’t sleep well at night. The parent with an infant would say, “Well, you just wait until your baby is born, then you really never get any peaceful sleep.”

In a post titled, “Why does talking about kids & negativity go hand in hand?,”¬†One mother honestly expresses how she feels about this phrase and the negativity that comes along with it. I too, do not like hearing these words. Aside from the fact that they often undermine another person’s situation or difficulties, these words also make it seem like there can’t be anything nice about raising children (which by the way is so untrue).

Have you ever encountered someone who said the “well, you just wait…” comment to you? How did you respond to the statement?