Things Don’t Always Turn Out As Planned

Stumbling across, “I’ve eaten a dictionary’s worth of words,” made me recall the fact that I am far from being the parent I thought I would be before I had children. Do you share the same thought? Do you look at the kind of mother you are now and realize that you are not quite the parent you thought and planned you’d be? For some, this realization can be heart-breaking–especially for new parents, however at this stage in my life the realization has become a thing of humor to me. Things don’t always turn out as planned, and this is definitely the case for most parents. We aren’t perfect, even if we thought we would be.

Well, like most girls out there, for many years, I formed and held a certain picture of the type of mother I’d be. No doubt, it was a pretty picture. I envisioned myself to be full of patience, understanding, creativity and fun. Then I had my first child. I tried for a few months to be the kind of mother I had conjured up in my mind, but after not too long I realized I was never going to be everything that I would want to be as a mother. Like I said, things don’t always turn out as planned. You know what? That’s okay!

The natural course of motherhood made me realize that I really did not have to be a “perfect” mom to raise great kids. In motherhood, you become wiser and better as you go along.