Things That Can Ruin the Liturgical Experience

My family and I have had the opportunity to travel a bit, which is a blessing. With those travels, we have attended Mass at various local parishes. So, reading Jeffrey Tucker’s “Five Ways to Ruin the Mass” kind of struck a chord in me. A few times we have found ourselves in the middle of a Mass¬†feeling a little confused and uncertain as to whether we are actually in attending a Roman Catholic Mass. There are certainly some things that can ruin the liturgical experience. The author captures exactly the things that lead me and my husband to feel this way–celebrants improvising liturgical texts, politicized prayer of the faithful, replacement of Mass propers.

The Holy Mass is the central act of Catholic worship. For this very reason, I believe that it is improper for anyone to change any of the details of the the Catholic Mass according to his own penchant. I would describe the traditional Catholic Mass as mysterious, glorious, reverent, awe-inspiring, and holy, and ¬†I would like for it to be this way forever. Wouldn’t you? What are some things that can ruin the liturgical experience in your opinion?