Time for Colombians to Renew Their Christian Faith

“Coadjutor Archbishop Gonzalo Restrepo of Manizales, Colombia remarked this week that the ongoing celebration of the country’s bicentennial this month is an important time for the reflection of Colombia’s values and also the renewal of the citizen’s faith.

According to Colombian National Radio, the archbishop said the national holiday is a call to renew one’s faith and live honestly as believers.  It is also a chance to reflect on the country’s history, he added.

Archbishop Restrepo said Colombians must adopt an outlook that goes beyond what the world sees and believes.

The retiring archbishop of Bogota, Cardinal Pedro Rubiano, celebrated the Te Deum at the city’s cathedral on July 20, and said the bicentennial should also be an occasion to improve relations with neighboring countries.” – “Bicentennial Gives Colombia Opportunity to Renew Christian Values, Says Archbishop”, Catholic News Agency

I was glad to see the Colombian Archbishop using this opportunity to send a good message to his fellow people. Any occasion is a good occasion to be renew faithful old ways and become more religiously inclined. Hopefully many people take his words to heart. Getting in touch with your history, heritage, and spirituality is never a bad thing and Archbishop Gonzalo Restrepo’s words should be taken to heart.